Q: How do salmon give evidence of a Creator?

When you think about it, scientists have to spend millions of dollars to invent very complicated computer systems to produce a guided missile. And these missiles don't always hit their target.

But the Pacific salmon have a built-in guidance system that must make these same scientists drool with envy.

Research indicates that salmon are able to use the earth's magnetic field, the position of the sun, moon and stars, along with the ability to detect the chemical composition of the stream from which they began their life. All this to enable salmon to return to their native stream to spawn!

How could evolutionary scientists be so blind? The salmon's remarkable achievements, especially its amazing ability to navigate great distances with perfect accuracy, is impossible to explain as a result of purposeless and unguided evolution.

When we stand in awe at man's achievements in building advanced guided missiles--how much more should we stand in awe and worship the Creator God who created something infinitely better than the best man can do.

Source: AnswersinGenesis.org