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Purchase an autographed copy of Heart Touchers "Life-Changing Stories of Faith, Love, and Laughter" by Chicken Soup Author Michael T. Powers.

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You can also purchase the book with a check or money order! Make the check or money order for $20.0 (includes shipping) out to Michael T. Powers. Then send it to:

Michael T. Powers
2931 Lucerne Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545
Be sure to let us know who you would like it autographed for and then allow about two weeks for us to sign it and send it on its way to you.
To find out more information on this book or to read the reviews on it:
To read some sample stories from the book just click on the four options below!

Buy a Book.. Change a Life!

For those of you who love to read or love to give out books as gifts...

You can now order a number of different autographed best-selling inspirational books for the same price you would get them in the store, the shipping to you is paid for, and you are helping change the lives of teenagers and those they come in contact with!  And best of all, every penny from the book sales are going to youth ministry! If you love to read inspirational stories, these books are most likely those you will eventually buy anyway.  And how cool would it be to be able to buy books like those in the Chicken Soup series for your friends and family with a personalized autographed message by one of the contributing authors! How's that for a unique gift!  Not only are you changing lives through supporting a youth ministry, but every book included below has the power to make a difference in the lives of those you give the books to. (Especially the Stories for the Heart and the God Allows U-Turns series.)

Also included below are a number of books just for teenagers.  Do you have a teenage son, daughter, grandchild, friend of the family, Sunday school student, player that you coach, etc. that you want to touch in a life-changing way?  This is the perfect opportunity.  Teenagers are reading these books as fast as they can get their hands on them.  Why?  Because they are searching for meaning in their lives...

What are you waiting for!  Below are the books we are offering and how to order them! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of teenagers!

The Books!

(Purchase them with your credit card or PayPal account by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below each book!)

Chicken Soup for the Teen's Soul on Love and Friendship

Includes stories by HeartTouchers' writers Cheryl Costello-Forshey and Michael T. Powers!

In Love & Friendship teens expose their true thoughts and feelings about relationships. This latest serving from the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul series explores the topics nearest and dearest to your hearts: love and friendship. The adolescent years are challenging--our relationships with our family and friends are constantly being redefined and we start facing tough choices about the people we want to emulate and who we want to hang out with. New friendships begin as others fall by the wayside. Moms and dads are ogres one day, best buddies the next.

Like other volumes in the Teenage Soul series, teen contributors share their thoughts and feelings on the issues that matter most to them. The stories in Love & Friendship candidly depict teens' feelings about breakups, forgiveness, love and kindness, their closest relationships and many other topics, from the happiest moments of their lives to the darkest days they struggle to put behind them.  You'll recognize their own experiences in these stories and learn valuable lessons about the true meaning of love and friendship.  Love & Friendship will encourage you to examine your relationships and make the most of the time you spend with family and friends.  

Currently Out of Stock!

Chicken Soup for the Grandparent's Soul

With stories by writers:  Kenneth L. Pierpont, Virginia Ellis, Patricia Pinney, Joe Edwards, Alison Peters, Brian G. Jett, Joe Walker, Pamela Jenkins, Roger Dean Kiser Sr., Harriet May Savitz, Terri McPherson, and Michael T. Powers!

Today's grandparents aren't content to sit in their rockers doing needlepoint or whittling wood-modern grandparents are healthy and active. Grandma may be traveling the world, writing a book or taking dance lessons and Grandpa might be camping with the grandkids, playing a golf tournament or skydiving! Nana may have entered the family by marrying Grampa later in life, or Pop-Pop may be a beloved family friend who's always there when someone needs him. Families are finding that the meaning of "grandparent" has changed tremendously but that grandparents continue to be treasured members of our families.

In this latest addition to the Chicken Soup family, children and grandchildren will relive memories of their parents and grandparents as they read stories of love, humor and wisdom. Each touching tale will inspire them to make the most of the time they still have together and encourage them to seek deeper experiences. Grandparents will learn the value of their contributions to and realize what an honored position they hold within their circle of loved ones. Every reader will gain a new appreciation of the benefits of a close and connected family.

This is a perfect gift to show grandparents how much they are loved.

Chicken Soup for the Sports Fan's Soul

Includes stories by: Bill Bradley, Dave Barry, Bob Costas, Jack Kemp, Meadowlark Lemon, Pat Riley, Monica Seles, Bart Starr, Lee Trevino, Dick Vitale, Harriet May Savitz, Michael T. Powers, and many more!

This latest collection of Chicken Soup celebrates sports.  From major leaguers to little leaguers, from hockey stars to figure skaters, and from horseracing to mushing, the stories in this book highlight the positive and transformative nature of sports.  As you read you will see sports as one of our most important and powerful teachers, one that teaches us to be humble in victory and gracious in defeat; the importance of teamwork and the value of striving.  At its best, sports builds character and teaches us to overcome adversity.  Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior; a soccer mom or a diehard sports fan; a marathon runner or a neighborhood jogger, these stories will provide you with treasured insights into the game of life.

Currently Out of Stock!

Chicken Soup for the Christian Teen's Soul

Includes stories by writers Michael T. Powers, Kristina Powers, Cheryl Costello-Forshey, Cynthia M. Hamond and Joseph B. Walker!


These stories about love, friendship, forgiveness, making a difference, courage, dating (and lots more) show how God is at work in teenagers' lives. Teens share stories about how God has given them the courage to cope with the tough stuff, the joy to live a fulfilling life, the strength to persevere when they feel alone, and the love and confidence they need to feel good about themselves. This very special volume will also help them to use other teens' experiences to build a stronger relationship with God.

For teens tempted to use drugs, alcohol or other substances, Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenage Soul can be a lifeline to God. They will know that God cares what they think when it feels as if no one else does, and that he loves them no matter what.

Currently Out of Stock!

Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart
This book also comes with a Christian audio CD in the inside cover!!!
Retail is $16.99
We are selling it for $12.99!

Includes stories by: Billy Graham, Max Lucado, Chuck Colson, Joni Eareckson-Tada, Joan Wester Anderson, Yitta Halberstam, Michael and Kristi Powers, and many more!

Compiled with the help of teenagers, Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart features true stories of teens living committed lives for Christ. These inspiring selections show teens making a difference in their families, schools, and world. Captivating stories with themes specific to teen interests, instruct by example, not preaching, while encouraging wise choices and a deeper walk with the Lord. This wonderful resource will intrigue nonbelievers and move believers closer to God as they receive affirmation of His presence.

Currently Out of Stock!

Stories For a Teen's Heart 2

Includes stories by: Max Lucado, Yitta Halberstam, Judith Levanthal, Alice Gray, Bob Welch, Ricky Byrdsong, Margaret Becker, Wayne Rice, Michael and Kristi Powers, and many of your favorite authors including:  Kenneth L. Pierpont, Candy Abbot, Cynthia Stewart-Copier, Alison Peters, and Cheryl Costello-Forshey!

Compiled with the help of teenagers, Stories for a Teen's Heart: Book 2 offers more than one hundred new and inspiring stories that today's young readers will cherish. Teens will discover a fresh way of looking at life as they read about friendship, heroes, growing up, love, faith, compassion, tough times, and motivation in this latest release in the bestselling Stories for the Heart book series. The sometimes tender, sometimes funny, and always thoughtful stories provide wisdom and heart-tugging truths that will uplift teens everywhere.

Currently Out of Stock!

Stories for a Teen's Heart 3

Includes stories by Chuck Swindoll, Michael W. Smith, Max Lucado, Bruce Wilkinson, John Trent, Phillip Yancey, Dave Dravecky, Rebecca St. James, Gary Smalley and Michael T. Powers!
This compilation also includes many stories that you have seen in HeartTouchers by your favorite authors including:  Bob Perks, Alison Peters, Carol S. Wimmer, and David Barnett!
Stories for a Teen's Heart: Book 3 features this series' best stories yet reviewed by teenage readers.  The book includes over 100 selections showing teens making a difference among their friends and peers. Captivating stories on themes such as family, friends, tough times, character, and doing the right thing will encourage teens to make wise choices and put God first. Over 5 million copies have sold in the Stories for the Heart series!

Currently Out of Stock!

Stories From a Soldier's Heart

With stories by: U.S. Senator John S. McCain, Chuck Holton, Alice Gray, Bill Gothard, Charlie Plumb, Michael T. Powers and writers Betty King and Ron Gold!

To preserve our peace of mind and our way of life, the men and women of the United States military often sacrifice their youth--and sometimes even their lives. They steadfastly guard the futures of millions of people they will never meet. Now over seventy-five riveting stories--organized in six themed sections of patriotism, inspiration, faith on the frontlines, love and family, honor and sacrifice, and dedication and courage-bring to life these heroes and the loved ones they have fought for. Stories from a Soldier's Heart honors those who carry in their warrior hearts the world's hope for freedom.

God Allows U-Turns

Includes stories by contributors, Kathryn Lay, LaRose Karr, and Michael T. Powers!
Publisher's Weekly says:

"This is no run-of-the-mill, cheesy inspirational book? not a book to read through in one sitting - the bite-sized chapters should be savored one or two at a time, like chocolates from a sampler."
CBA Marketplace says:
"When you need a picker-upper, this is the book to pick up!"
Writer's Digest says:
"God Allows U-Turns may be the next Chicken Soup."
Maxed-Out says:
"Addiction. Unemployment. Divorce. Unplanned pregnancy. Poverty. Depression. Despair. Though these are the topics of many personal accounts in God Allows U-Turns, the book is not a downer. It's page after page of triumph--some through tears and extreme drama, but many also through laughter and simple, personal epiphanies. Readers of all ages and backgrounds will find a fresh jolt of hope by reading each book in the God Allows U-Turns series."

God Allows U-Turns stories are human-interest stories with a spiritual application, affirming ways in which faith is expressed in daily life. They are stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things with God's help; stories that touch us at our emotional core. These stories of spiritual journeys focus on timeless, universal themes like love, forgiveness, salvation, healing, and hope.

God Allows U-Turns -- American Moments:

With stories by HeartTouchers members:  Mary Emma Allen, LaRose Karr, Karen DeLoach, and Michael T. Powers!

September 11...Columbine High School...Vietnam...the Great Depression. There are many terrible moments in American history that horrified us as a nation--but that also turned people's hearts toward God. In this special God Allows U-Turns book, Americans relate how national trials brought them to their knees--first in shock, then in prayer. Dramatic stories relate how even the worst imaginable occurrences can be used by God for His purposes. God Allows U-Turns: American Moments is an important reminder of His sovereignty in world affairs--as well as in the lives of individual people.

The Miracle of Sons


Compiled by Jamie Miller and by writer Jennifer Basye Sander!  Foreword by Tina Cole (From the TV show: My Three Sons), with stories by founder Michael T. Powers!

The media today isn't exactly filled with stories about happy, healthy boys and well-adjusted, responsible young men. Luckily, real life is filled with such stories--and so is this book. In The Miracle of Sons, parents share true accounts of the challenges and changes--and the rarely-acknowledged heroism--of our nation's sons. Through heartwarming, eye-opening stories, readers will gain new insight into the world of boys and their delightful life passages--and be reminded that despite the myths and media images, boys do bring a great deal of joy to their families and communities...and grow up to make the world a better place.


Important Note:

The following three books do not have a story within by Michael or Kristi Powers.  We will not be autographing these books unless you ask us to.  We absolutely love these books though, and give them out regulary as gifts to friends and family.  Because we feel so strongly about them, we wanted to offer them to you also.

Stories for a Dad's Heart

Everybody needs a little wisdom and encouragement---even dads! Here's just the thing to help the men in your family be the best fathers they can be. Uplifting quotes, inspirational stories, and humorous anecdotes from Max Lucado, Billy Graham, Chuck Swindoll, and others make dads feel loved and appreciated. Hardcover.

Stories for a Man's Heart

This rerelease of the popular Stories for a Man's Heart is an enjoyable collection of quotes, humorous stories, and short stories selected just for a man's heart, repackaged is an attractive new cover. These uplifting, feel-good, and motivational stories will inspire men to be "all they can be." The book features contributions from many of today's most respected and loved communicators and is divided into sections on virtue, love, motivation, encouragement, fatherhood, sports, legacy, and faith. Each inspiring story touches on the values and virtues that mean the most to men. 

More God Allows U-Turns, Vol. 2

Bad choices...negative attitudes... destructive decisions... All lead us down the wrong road in life. Thankfully, God allows U-turns! His promises of forgiveness and restoration welcome us back to the fold of grace and guide us lovingly along the path of obedience.

This inspirational collection, the second in the U-Turns series, is filled with true stories of people from all walks of life who have made U-turns in their lives. These stories show how faith in God can inspire, heal, and give hope.

From God's Love to Life Lessons to Thankfulness - all share the very personal message that God works every day in each of our lives...and His never-ending love, forgiveness, and redemption are freely given to us all, if we only ask Him.

For those of you who would rather not use your credit cards or pay through PayPal... We will also accept checks and money orders.

Write down the titles of the books you want, let us know who we should personalize the book to (including anything special you would like us to write, or detail your relationship with this person so we can tailor it especially for the two of you), total the price up, and then send us a check or money order for that amount.  Make checks and money orders out to:

Michael T. Powers

and send it to:

Michael T. Powers
2931 Lucerne Dr.
Janesville, WI 53545

(Please include your email address or phone number if you are comfortable with that, in case we have any questions and need to contact you on your order.)

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