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Good morning world-wide readers!

We are excited to be able to share some writing from a HeartTouchers first timer! Be sure to give Cheryl some encouragement by writing to her at her email address at the end of her poem!

From my family to yours,

Author Michael T. Powers

"The Hammer"

by Cheryl A. Mariano 

I pictured clearly in my mind 
The cross at Calvary 
I saw a line of people there 
With names from A-Z

The line moved slowly single file
We knew why we were there 
My turn is coming up I sobbed 
My heart filled with despair 

Alas I stood before His face
I saw shame and sorrow, mixed with grace 
I gazed at Him so tenderly 
Two pain filled eyes gazed back at me

I saw the blood upon His brow 
I heard Him say, It’s your turn now 
You must pound the nails without delay 
I AM dying here for you today 

Pick up the hammer and hold it tight 
Now, swing it back with your might 
And drive the nails yet deeper in 
I AM here to take away your sin 

The hardest thing I have ever done 
Was to drive the nails in God’s own Son 
But there was just no other way 
And He offers that hammer to you today 

Cheryl A. Mariano (AKA Cheremiah)

cherylmariano @  

Send Cheryl an e-mail and let her know what you thought of her writing!

Cheryl is from Arizona and was saved when she was 30 years old.  She has been married to her husband Marcelo for 48 years. Together they have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and 5 great-grand children. 

In 2014 her book: “Tali’s Mysterious Dream”
 was published. 
She has been writing poetry for the last 38 years and she loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all her heart, soul, and mind, and serving Him is her greatest desire.




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"Recently, as an experiment, I suppose, in psychic survival, I reread every horrific review I've ever received to see what I would learn. This is what I learned: I'm right. They're wrong." --David Shields

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"He who lives by the sword, should go out and get himself a really nice sword."


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Dear Michael,

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the beautiful video you made for me! It was so special to see both of my parents in tears as they watched their children grow up in pictures before their eyes! I loved the way you made Estania's part set aside from the rest--that was the part that really got them! The music was beautiful. My mom kept blubbering, "What song is that?" I don't know how you did such a beautiful job with the video in such a short time. I really appreciate your doing it so quickly. You have a wonderful gift, and I thank God that you are using it to create such sentimental memories. I hope that I can find my niche like that in an area that I love. Your video gave us one of our most lasting Christmas memories! I hope yours was filled with moments to be treasured forever!"

Silverhill, AL

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