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Good morning readers!

Sharing something today that I think is vitally important, no matter where you land on the political spectrum. Thank you Kristi, for being brave enough to share these words with us!
From my family to yours,

Author Michael T. Powers

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"When We Go Too Far"

by Kristi Powers

Did you see it? I did. We laugh at it. I didn't. Instead it made me want to empty the contents of my stomach. A comedian holding up a bloody mask depicting the cutting off of our President's head. I felt the tears just roll down my face. It grieves me. Greatly.

What I want you and I to do is to take a couple steps back. Now a few more. Spend some time in SILENCE searching our hearts. What do we find there? Do we find extreme anger just brewing below the surface? Do we find a root of bitterness just seeping out of our pores? Do we find that we are ready to lose relationships over political or petty disagreements? For some reason we believe the end justifies the means. It doesn't and it never will.

Maybe because a loved one of mine has experienced this kind of "hatred" I am more sensitive to it. And I am. It is the hardest thing to do to sit by and watch people use cruel, unkind, mean-spirited and horrible words and thoughts and ideas to hurt others. Social Media is often used to hide behind a screen and say and do whatever we deem "fit". But is it? If you were sitting across from ALL your "friends" on your Social Media, would you say to them the things you say behind your computer?

A friend posted this today:
"We have forgotten how to disagree and function with those who differ with us."

It used to be "we don't talk politics" but that has changed to I hate you for your politics which differs from mine."

It is true, America. We HAVE forgotten how to disagree and function with those who differ with us. We have forgotten that there are REAL LIFE BREATHING FLESH AND BLOOD PEOPLE we disagree with.

The only way to turn this tide is to value PEOPLE more than IDEAS OR THOUGHTS. The only way I see this changing is to purposefully change by engaging in talks and connecting with people. To listening to ALL different views, not one just those we are spoon fed by the media or celebrities or politicians.

And this is not a political comment. This is a HUMAN comment.

When my son Chase was five years old, he was able to get Grandpa to play a game that no one else could get him to do. When Caleb and Connor expressed dismay over how Chase was able to get Grandpa to play when their efforts had failed, Chase put his hands on his hips and said "You just have to learn how to talk to people."

I agree. We all just need to learn how to talk to people. It starts with respecting another person's point of view, thought, idea. whether we agree with them or not. If we start listening to others, we might just learn something. But most of all, we just might learn to love!

Kristi Powers

Copyright © 2017 by Kristi Powers

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Kristi is happily married to Michael and they have three boys. Her writing appears in ten inspirational books,
including many in the Chicken Soup series, and their own book entitled: Heart Touchers. Kristi is also a
homeschool mom and fills her "free time" doing Youth ministry alongside her husband at their church
and now around the world as they travel to different countries ministering to third culture kids and missionary families.

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This Week: "CSI Resurrection" by Michael T. Powers


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"When you do the things you have to do when you have to do them, the day will come when you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them." --Zig Ziglar

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"Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth."--Proverbs 10:4

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"Follow the leader is a lot more fun if you're the leader."

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"The more a child becomes aware of a parent's willingness to listen, the more a parent will begin to hear." --Gordon MacDonald

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"It is quite possible that once in a great while a player is ruined by too much praise.  However, almost every day one withers inside for lack of it." -- Michael T. Powers

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"Recently, as an experiment, I suppose, in psychic survival, I reread every horrific review I've ever received to see what I would learn. This is what I learned: I'm right. They're wrong." --David Shields

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"If we ever get another dog we are going to name him "Stay". It will be fun to call him... Come here, Stay!"


Creation Q & A

Distant Starlight

Can stars be millions of light years away if God created them only 6,000 years ago? We have much to learn, but several astrophysical models can account for this. Interestingly, the big bang has a major light-travel problem of its own.
Sometimes Christians are reluctant to discuss the age of the universe. The Bible states that God created in six days, and its genealogies clearly indicate that this took place only a few thousand years ago. But some people reason, “Hasn’t science demonstrated that it would take billions of years for the light from the farthest galaxies to reach the earth? Doesn’t this disprove the Genesis account or force us to interpret the words differently?”
Not at all.
There are several known ways that light can travel vast distances in a relatively short period of time. In fact, Einstein tells us that, if a person could travel at the speed of light, then the trip would be completely instantaneous (from his or her point of view). It takes literally no time at all to travel from a distant galaxy to the earth as far as the light is concerned.
There are several ways to accomplish this instant trip from the earth’s point of view as well. Time-dilation models, for example, use Einstein’s physics to get light here in a short period of time, at least from the earth’s perspective.
  “God made the stars . . . [on] the fourth day.” Genesis 1:16,19
Perhaps most promising is a newer model that uses an alternative way to synchronize two clocks that are far apart. Much like a plane can leave Kentucky at 4:00 and arrive in Colorado at 4:00 because of different time zones, so starlight could arrive on earth on Day Four, regardless of how far away the star is.1
We should also remember that God is not limited to natural methods as we are.
Ironically, the leading secular alternative to the Bible (the big bang) has a light-travel time problem of its own. Known as the “horizon problem,” the big bang is unable to get light from one side of the universe to the other within its own billions-of-years timeframe.2 To alleviate this problem, big bang supporters must arbitrarily add another hypothesis like “inflation” (which has problems of its own).
Even if our current creation models turn out to be wrong, there is no need to be embarrassed by distant starlight. For we rely upon the revealed Word of God as our starting point. Unlike the shifting opinions of men, such a foundation cannot fail. It boldly declares that on Day Four “He made the stars also” (Genesis 1:16).
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Silverhill, AL

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